Sleek, Simply Styled Content from $200
This includes minimum 10 beautifully styled and edited images.
Maximum 5 Products when being shot individually.
Perfect for buy-page imagery, clear and specifically product focused with touches of style added.

Lifestyle/Home Decor Packages from $250
This includes minimum 10 styled and edited images.
Staging your products, in use, with more lifestyle elements
to help your customer really envisage your item in their home.
Giving them that "Must Have" feeling!

Theme Based Styling and or Scent Related Imagery
is calculated per product Starting at $100 per product with a minimum of 4 images. If your product is highly reflective this does take substantially longer during the editing process so prices may vary.

Understanding every brand has different needs and budgets to work with, each package can be shaped to suit your needs, whether you need 2 images or 30.